Where Can You Get The Best Rolls/Frankies in Kolkata?

Kolkata is as famous for its street food as it is for its gourmet cuisine. Today we talk about Rolls, or Frankies, which Kolkata loves so much. Ask any Kolkata resident/visitor which street food is the best here, and chances are that you will get a long list of mouth-watering names – Phuchka, Rolls, Jhal Muri, Shingara….All right! So then, where to go in order to eat the best rolls in Kolkata? The unanimous cry would be for — Bedouin in Rashbehari Avenue, Kolkata (that’s the famous Gariahat Crossing!!)

Bedouin -- Best rolls in Kolkata

I have always found the place to be crowded. However, that doesn’t deter people from making a beeline for its famous egg-rolls, chicken rolls, mutton rolls, fish rolls and so many other variants of rolls. Truly, they have mastered roll-making. And have a faithful patronage. Crazy cheap (check the menu card in the picture below), they fit into anybody’s budget, especially students.

Menu Card of Bedouin Rolls in Kolkata

Remember, we told you that Bedouin is a street joint. No question of hygiene here. However, they proclaim, almost righteously, that they use only sunflower oil. Not sure if I believe them on that, but their rolls are worth it once every Kolkata trip. We are a stickler for their mutton egg roll. Note, one roll at 7 in the evening will help you run away from dinner. They are so so so filling!!

For me, a roll from Bedouin is the PERFECT way to start saree-shopping in Gariahat!!!

Best rolls in Kolkata -- Bedouin