Breakfast @Deshbandhu Mistan in Kolkata

Howrah Bridge. Flower market near Howrah Bridge. Mallik Ghat adjoining the flower market. Our itinerary (Mallick Ghat & Flower Market Walking Tour in Kolkata ) for the morning of Day One at Kolkata was a success. But we were starving by then. It was 9 in the morning. We had been on just a cup of tea, one biscuit and loads of traveler’s curiosity since 6am.

We had been sure breakfast had to be from the streets of Burra Bazar. Upon asking the traffic police and a few photo-enthusiasts, we headed for Deshbandhu Mistan. Absolutely easy to find, Deshbandhu Mistan is right at the corner of M.G Road, the turn where you turn right for the Howrah Bridge (Exact address od Deshbandhu Mistan – 227 M. G. Road, Kolkata 7).

Deshbandhu Mistan in MG Road Kolkata

Started by Bibhuti Bhushan Chaoudhury in 1921, Deshbandhu Mistan is now run by his sons, Ashok Choudhury & Bros. Famous for Kochuri, Radhabollobhi, Shingara, Mihi Dana, Sita Bhog, they are open every day from 7 in the morning to 9 in the evening. No, they don’t close even on national or festival holidays!!

Inside Deshbandhu Mistan in Kolkata

Breakfast @Deshbandhu Mistan in Kolkata: We knew we were at the right place when we saw a basket full of ‘luchis’ (shallow fried small-sized Indian bread) and a big bowl of steaming ‘alur torkari’ (potato curry). We asked for ‘kachuri’ (shallow fried stuffed small-sized Indian bread), but the kachuris weren’t ready yet. Luchi-alur torkari it was then. Absolutely heavenly, Jayant lapped for another plate-full. And then came the ‘shingaras’, which we didn’t like much. Wrapped up the morning meal with roshogolla and Sita Bhog.

Breakfast @Deshbandhu Mistan in Kolkata

Sweets @Deshbandhu Mistan in Kolkata

Ummm….a perfect start to Day One in Kolkata!!