Restaurant Review: Bungalow 9 in Bandra, Mumbai

Old-world charm meet chic meet carefree feel. That’s what Bungalow 9 in Bandra turned out to be. You forget the new-age, cluttered Mumbai as soon as you step in. The stylish yet informal place bowls you over immediately. You realise that, Mumbai, in the not-so-distant past must have been like this – spaced out, laid back. This place certainly gives you a glimpse of what Bandra must have been with its beautiful Goan bungalows and the gardens and fruit-trees around them.

Bunglow9 in Bandra

Bungalow 9 had long been in our wish-list and we finally made it over the weekend when the neighbourhood (Mehboob Studious) was hosting the Mumbai Literary Carnival. After an eclectic mix of sessions at the festival, Bungalow 9 was an easy choice. For, we wanted to chew the cud over a glass of wine and some good food.

Food @Bungalow 9 (Bandra): Up until now, we were under the impression that Bungalow 9 was an Italian joint. It even looks Italian with the brick oven for pizzas at the far end of the restaurant. One look at the menu though, and we were choosing between Dim Sums, Goat’s Cheese Mouse with Beet Carpaccio, Tunisian Chermoula Cottage Cheese. Woohoo, here was a trip round the world!!! The initial surprise gave way to some careful reading and we settled for – Grilled Portobello Mushroom with Goat’s Cheese Crostini (fancy fancy fancy!!) for appetizers. In the mains, Jayant ordered a Slow-cooked BBQ Pork Spare Ribs for himself, while I took the chef’s recommendation for a special Slow-Roasted Lamb served with Prune Jus. Jayant ordered a Reisling while I chose a Red Sangria (a Sangria seemed so perfect that warm afternoon amidst the bungalow’s settings)

They space out the food superbly. It helped that we weren’t in any hurry. The grilled mushrooms were perfect and was super with the wines. So were the pork ribs. Tender, with the juices intact, you almost try to lick off the plate with the fork and knife. But, sadly, that’s where enchantment ended – they had screwed up the lamb!! 🙁 🙁 🙁 I am a lamb-lover and can’t tell you how disappointed I get with a not-so-well made lamb dish. In this case, they had over-cooked it and so the lamb pieces were stiff and devoid of any juice. Even the Prune Jus didn’t help take away the stiffness. I was royally disappointed. When I pointed this out to the guy serving us, he instantly offered to replace the order. But by then, I was half-way through. And so let it be. Ah!! A blot on the otherwise perfect experience.

Make sure to point out that you like the meat tender if ordering lamb @Bungalow 9. Well, I am going to make sure I do this at every restaurant from now on.

We didn’t order desserts @Bungalow 9. For, we had promised our daughter ice-creams once she got back from the Noddy show with her friends.

Verdict for Bungalow 9: Go Go Go!!! It being Christmas time right now, the place must be planning a whole lot of specials. Plus the weather in Mumbai is just perfect for a dimly-lit dinner in the open, or a quiet, laid-back lunch in the afternoon.

And finally, remember I told you that Bungalow 9 is classy and stylish? Make sure you are suitably dressed!!

Under the trees at Bunglow 9 Bandra

Sitting outside at Bunglow ( Bandra