10 Things You Need To Know About City Palace in Udaipur

Built on the banks of the Pichola Lake, City Palace in Udaipur is huge. Actually it is one of the biggest palace in Rajasthan. And is the staple in every visitor’s itinerary. Everybody goes there and hence, be ready to brave the crowded alleys and jharokas while touring the palace. To us, it wasn’t really spectacular. It has the usual display of paintings depicting the life and times of the Rajput rule in erstwhile Mewar; the royal armouries; rooms embellished with murals, glasses; numerous smaller Mahals within the bigger Palace; the collection of coins, utensils, clothings, upholstery. As I said, the usual exhibits that you see in just about any palace.

10 Helpful Information Regarding City Palace in Udaipur: Since the City Palace is in everybody’s must-visit list, here’s some information that you may find useful when you plan to tour the Palace:

1. Do You Need To Buy Tickets for City Palace (Udaipur)? Yes. The Museum tours costs Rs 50 per adult, Rs 30/child, free for kids under 5 years.

2. Timings of the City Palace in Udaipur: The Palace opens for visitors at 9.30 am and shuts at 5.30 pm every day. It is closed only on the day after Holika Dahaan, which is the day of Holi festival in India.

3. How Long Is the City Palace (Udaipur) Complete Tour? It takes a minimum of 2 hours to tour the complete palace, including the museum and the grounds.

4. Are There Guided Tours at the City Palace (Udaipur): Yes. There are the registered guides offering tours in Hindi, Gujrati, English, French, German and Spanish languages. In case you want to see the Palace at your own pace, opt for the 250 rupee audio tours that are available for English, French, German and Spanish languages.

5. Is the City Palace (Udaipur) Child & Disabled Friendly? No. On the contrary, it is one of the most difficult palaces for children and the differently abled. After every second room, you have to cross a narrow alley or take long narrow flight of stairs. No way you can take a stroller there. If you have a baby in your arms, God bless you. The complete tour will definitely burn a few hundred calories. Our little one braved the complete tour, but at the end of it, declared she wouldn’t walk anymore. Elderly people and people having difficulty with walking, please do not go for the entire Palace. Go in, see somewhat and then wait for your partners in the Palace’s grounds.

6. Can You Buy Something To Eat at The City Palace (Udaipur)? Yes. There is this open air restaurant in the Palace grounds, called Palki Khana, offering a wide menu.

7. Are Taxis Allowed At The City Palace (Udaipur)? There is indeed a parking area outside the Palace Grounds where your taxi can wait. It, of course, comes with an extra charge.

8. Best Time To Visit City Palace (Udaipur): We say, Morning. Try to reach by 9.15 am in order to beat the crowd. Mid-morning and afternoons are crazy crowded.

9. Can You Take A Boat Ride From City Palace (Udaipur)? Yes. You can go for an hour’s boat ride upto Jagmandir Island Palace and back or a half an hour boat cruise. Make enquiries at the ticketing counter.

10. Light and Sound Show Details at City Palace Udaipur: The one-hour light & sound show is at the Manek Chowk – ‘The Legacy of Honour’ from 7pm to 8pm every night. Tickets for the show have to be bought separately from the counter.