Where Do You Get The BEST Dal Baati Churma in Udaipur?

Natraj, near the railway station in Udaipur. Look no further. A very average, regular restaurant catering to the local crowd mostly, Natraj’s best offering is the famous Rajasthani dish, Dal Baati Churma. To the ignorant, this dish is to the vegetarian what Laal Maas is to the non-veg in Rajasthan – round bread balls, the Baatis, that are supposed to be eaten with the accompanying dal (pulses with Indian spices) and the Churma made by crushing deep-fried Baatis and mixing with jaggery. Some combination there. But that’s the staple in Rajasthan, and your trip to the desert state is incomplete without having tasted the famed Daal Baati Churma. We are food lovers. You will find us every place they sell good food. And that’s how we landed ourselves at Natraj.

Natraj for dal bati churma in Udaipur

How is the Daal Bati Churma at Natraj?
GOOD!! They serve with 3 big Baatis, a bowl of daal, raita and papad. Make sure you order ‘Chaanch’, for all that ghee used to fry the Baatis is difficult to digest otherwise.

Dal Baati Churma in Natraj, Udaipur

WOOF’s Word For Natraj: It’s a very very regular Indian restaurant. So please do not go to Natraj expecting ‘ambience’. Plus, the hygiene is compromised here and there – wash-basin is dirty, wash-room stinks, the tables do not look clean enough, the waiters’ uniforms need to go to the washing machine, the plates and spoons need one round of tissue-wiping by you. Are you then, desperate for Daal Baati Churma? Don’t tell us we didn’t warn you!! By the way, the restaurant is not by the side of any lake as is usual for most restaurant in Udaipur.

We’d advise, try it just once. ‘Cause, you live just once. No dying with regrets!!

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