Restaurant Review: Little Italy in Ghatkopar (Mumbai)

We have been Little Italy, Juhu, fans a long time now. And have, over the years, taken many of our friends to this ‘vegetarian’ Italian restaurant. This, after we had tasted the food at their Parel and Malad joints and writing off both of them, as neither of them lived up to the reputation of the Juhu chain. The other one in Ghatkopar, well, we never considered it. For, we never go to Ghatkopar for lunch or dinner. But then, never say never!! Recently, we were ‘stuck’ in Chembur over some work during lunch hour, and needed to grab a quick bite before resuming the said work. Since, we weren’t acquaited with restaurants in Chembur, and also since we were close to the Eastern Express Highway, we decided to drive across to the other side for lunch. The building that houses Little Italy is very close to the expressway. It also has a McDonalds, but we were very hungry and didn’t want burgers. And so we settled for the Italian joint.
Restaurant Review Little Italy Ghatkopar

How Is The Food at Little Italy, Ghatkopar? They offer the same fare. It’s the same menu. So, for a Little Italy patron, it isn’t difficult to choose. We settled for fusilli and gnocchi. And although we had our little daughter with us, the 2 plates were difficult to finish. The servings are quite large. Both the dishes were tasty.

They also had a lunch buffet for INR 480 per person which included – choice of 2 soups, one starter, live salad counter, choice of pasta/risotto, pizza and dessert. Not bad. The only hitch, in our case, was that they charged a flat INR 380 for kids under 10 years of age. My daughter eats like a bird and would in no way justify the 380 they were charging. So we skipped the buffet and ordered ala carte. The buffet option is damn good in you are in a large group.
Restaurant Review Little Italy Ghatkopar -- Week Days Lunch Buffet Menu

They also have a Sunday Brunch special menu. Check out the image below for the details.
Restaurant Review Little Italy Ghatkopar -- Sunday Brunch Menu

Final Word About Little Italy, Ghatkopar: Or should I be more clear and ask – what didn’t I like about Little Italy, Ghatkopar? The fact that the building that houses it is very badly maintained. The elevators are dirty. There is absolutely no approach road. It’s all broken and dusty. Point is, if you are a ‘speciality restaurant’, you NEED to offer the trappings of a speciality restaurant that includes food and ambience. If your patrons have to get past broken stairs, dirty lifts and lobbies, you might as well be a street eatery and not call yourself a ‘speciality’ place. Frankly, the unkempt facilities of the building were a big put-off and I entered the restaurant with a lot of skepticism, doubly checking the sofas, glasses, napkins. Didn’t use the washroom until Jayant confirmed that it was clean. And hence, the meal there was a get-over-with-it-quickly meal. We are quite sure we won’t go there again.