Love To Travel. Love To Eat. Whither Exercise Regime?

Oh, this is such a problem. I am still trying to shed the 2 kilos I gained from our recent trip to Udaipur!! Jayant, am sure, would have put in a couple of kgs but reasons that what is a trip which doesn’t include the local delicacies, musts? I agree with him. You can’t come back from Udaipur without having eaten the spicy Laal Maas or the ghee-laden Dal-Bati. Or from Italy without the cheese rich Pastas, Pizzas. Crepes, Confectioneries, Wine in France. Chaats and Jalebis in Delhi. Kababs in Lucknow. Biryani in Hyderabad. And the list is endless!! Local food is as much part of travel as is sight-seeing. Most travel addicts will agree with us on this. But the dilemma is, how to keep a check on the calories that you pile up during your wanderlust?

Beats me!!! Jayant will still carry his gym kit when he is travelling on work. Some mental satisfaction that. Helps, since he runs to a ‘must-have’ joint for dinner post his meetings, where all the calories run back to him!! Hehe..

But what about me? I loathe to work-out while on travel. My stance is, “Why waste away precious exploration hours at the gym?” Instead, wouldn’t I rather explore the hotel/resort or get out for city sight-seeing?

Here are a few things I do to keep a check on the weight gain front while on travel. Mind you, Jayant doesn’t follow any of this. He likes to be a ‘free bird’, unrestricted, unconcerned of weight thoughts.

Food Smart: Since most of the time we book in advance for breakfast at the hotel/resort, I make sure, I am eating a good, wholesome breakfast that is high on fibre and fluids. For lunch and dinner, its local food. But I make sure that the portions are decent and that I am not binge-eating. And I am unmindful of the dessert, wine or any other gourmet delight that is typical of the city/country I am visiting.

Exercise during travel? Honestly, I follow no regime during travel. Often, the exhaustion from the previous day’s sight-seeing lingers on. Plus, as I said, I’d rather take a tour of the hotel/resort or have a leisurely breakfast or get ready for the day’s itinerary instead of slogging away at the gym. But in case you are going to a beach resort, how about a morning run by the sea-shore? That can be such a good start to the day. I have done that when in Phuket, Hurghada. And believe me, it refreshes you like no other.

Walking During sight-seeing: Do not mistake this for a good way to burn your calories. No, walking during the sight-seeing tours DO NOT burn any fat!! Period. Yes, you get exhausted. Your legs pain. But all that has not translated to a ‘leaner’ you. Worse, you would have got a horrible tan that will take months to go upon your return at home.

In short:
• If you must, and if your itinerary permits, carry your kit.
• Exercise and eat right before and after the travel. Helps to bounce back faster.
• Eat right portions during travel. Drink a lot of water/fluids so that your bowel behaves itself.
• Try not to snack on chocolates, wafers for that 11am and 4pm binge. Carry fruits instead.

How do you tackle your weight concerns while travelling? Tell us about it so that we can learn too.

2 thoughts on “Love To Travel. Love To Eat. Whither Exercise Regime?

  • Lalit Chandran

    Jayanta, Deepa thankyou for such easy to do exercise tips. Fitness is must regardless any busy schedules or holidays. Reading your post, I am inspired to stick to my fitness regime as well Eat-Live – Enjoy. Looking forward for more such great ideas and tips.

    • jayantadeepa

      Hi Lalit,
      We are happy that you liked these tips. One life to live — hence, can’t let do of anything. 🙂
      Thank you for reading WOOF’s blogs. Wish you a very blessed 2014.

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