Shivali Dance Festival in Mumbai

The team of Wheels on Our Feet was busy over the weekend on account of a dance festival in Mumbai — the 64th Shivali Dance Festival organised every year by the Shivali Cultural Society of India. Currently on, this is a 7-day dance extravaganza that includes culturally rich dances by exponents of Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Odissi. Our daughter was performing at the festival for the first time — her first-ever Kathak performance!!

A wonderful platform for students and aspiring professional dancers, the last 4 days of the festival saw performances by the disciples of a number of dance Gurus across Mumbai, such as Smt Jonaki Raghavan (Kathak Guru in Powai), Smt. Sumitra Rajguru (Nritya Pravesh), Smt. Vidya Sriram (Nrityaveda Dance Academy), Smt. Mamata Biswas (Odisi Guru), Smt Rohini Singhi (Bharatnayam), Smt Revathi Srinivasraghavan (Bharatnatyam) and others.

The concluding 3 days of the festival is scheduled for 29th Nov, 30th Nov and 1st Dec. These 3 days will again see dances by Kathak, Odisi and Bharatnatyam teams.

What Time Does The Shivali Dance Festival start? It starts at 6pm and is scheduled to wrap up by 9pm. It, however, often overrides this time limit and can end upto 10 pm. No worries. Have dinner at Café Madras or the numerous other south-Indian joints in Kings Cirlcle.

Where is the Shivali Dance Festival Held? At the Mysore Maheshwari Auditorium, near Maheshwari Udyan, Bhaudaji Road, Matunga East, Mumbai.

Do You Have To Buy Tickets @ Shivali Dance Festival? No. Entry is free.

With a troop of about 50 students, ranging from 5 years to 40 years, Smt Jonaki Raghavan ensured a cohesive, seamless and successful performance that depicted Lord Krishna’s roop-katha and the tales of His heroism and wisdom. It was endearing to watch the ‘new-age’ children carrying forward the rich heritage and legacy of Kathak dance with such elan. Went on to reinforce our faith that with the dedication and discipline of Gurus such as Jonaki Raghavan, the baton of the rich Indian tradition will be safely passed to the next generation.

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