Breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien in Paris

Day break and I could see clear skies from our room at the Ibis Paris Montmartre 18éme. I cheered. Our first morning in Paris. Better be bright and sunny. Woke up Jayanta and the little one, quickly got ready and headed out for breakfast. This was Paris after all. Be spoilt for breakfast choices!!

And sure we were. For there were the many cafés looking cosy and tempting. And then there were the famous crepe joints. “Let’s have crepes for breakfast tomorrow. Let’s sit down with a good breakfast today”, proposed Jayanta. “Yes, let’s”, agreed I. We started walking down towards the street where the hotel staff had pointed saying most of the cafes were concentrated So what if the skies looked blue from our room, it was rather chilly outside. And that made us long for a good breakfast with hot, steaming milk/coffee.

Le Pain Quotidien was right in front of us. And we hopped straight in. A wide array of hand-made, organic breads welcomes you – thick crust Baguettes, Wheat Breads, Croissants. Take your pick. With some organic boiled eggs and juices. The jams and marmalade on the table will make you squeal like a child. Order milk/hot chocolate separately for your child. And coffee for yourself. Smelling just right, you’d finally awaken to the realisation that you are in Paris and the city is waiting to be explored by you. Ready to head out? But not before acknowledging the wholesome breakfast at the Le Pain Quotidien. By the way, you realise only now that the gala breakfast at the famous bakery was an important part of your ‘Paris experience’.

For those who are overtly ‘Euro-conscious’, you may find Le Pain Quotidien somewhat steeply priced. Almost 10 Euros for bread + baguette + hot beverage +juice. Add 3 more euros if you want boiled eggs too. Yes, they are a little expensive. After all, everything is organic there. And whoever told you that class comes cheap!!

PS: How to pronounce Le Pain Quotidien? Try saying — luh paN koh-ti-dyaN. The name means “The Daily Bread” in English. How appropriate!!!

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