When Is The Best Time To Go To Udaipur?

We went to Udaipur in the first week of November and boy, did we get good weather! The mornings were pleasant. Infact, I actually enjoyed the morning sun while having breakfast. It was slightly hot in the day time and one did need a fair amount of sun-screen, sunglasses and hats. The evenings though were somewhat cool. Gave the hint that winter is on its way. Howvever, at this time of the year, all that you needed was a light stole/full-sleeves T-shirt/shirt for yourself and a light sweater/poncho for your little one and you were good to go. Had carried more warm clothes than necessary, dreading the steep changes in this desert state. But No, winter hadn’t arrived yet.

It is getting colder by the day though. Mid-October to Mid-March is always a good time to visit Udaipur. But note that December-January can be really cold owing to the northern winds. Hence, go suitably equipped if you are planning a Udaipur visit during these 2 months.

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