How Good or Bad Is Udaipur Airport?

Mumbai to Udaipur is close to 780 kms, which is about a 15-hour drive if you consider a stop-over at Ahmedabad. Owing to the Diwali holiday on Monday, 4th Nov, we had 3 days in our hands for a trip to Udaipur. And hence, driving was out of question. You need 2 full days for that. Plus, after a hectic Durga Puja and the Dashami celebrations, we simply didn’t have any energy left for a long to and fro drive. Taking a flight was the logical way out. Plan in advance and you can ‘land’ some reasonable rates.

We took the Air India afternoon flight which is actually a Mumbai-Delhi flight with a stop-over at Udaipur. Worked fine with us since it just takes 70 minute and leaves you with precious time in your hands. We were in Udaipur (Maharana Pratap Airport) by 3.30pm, about 2 hours before sunset. No they do not serve lunch or snacks in the flight. Thankfully, we had left home after a full lunch. The tea and cookies that they served felt just right at 3pm.

Just in case you do not intend to request your hotel for an airport pick-up, no worries. The airport has a pre-paid taxi counter which charged us INR 700 for the hotel drop in the city. Well organised and prompt, we didn’t lose any time waiting for the taxi. Note, didn’t notice any auto-stand at the airport. They don’t probably operate that route.

Have to mention here that I was pleasantly surprised with the Udaipur airport. It is clean, has the basic amenities such as ATMs, a coffee lounge at the arrival terminal, a snacks counter (loaded with cookies, chocolates, instant noodles, sandwiches and soft drinks) at the departure terminal. The washrooms are clean. Frankly, I am always sceptical of the washroom maintenance in small-town airports. Udaipur’s is good. We reasoned that they can’t afford to be lax with the basics. After all, Udaipur is an important tourist destination, with a high footfall of foreign tourists. And that shows in the airport road as well. Extremely well laid out and well maintained, lined with flowering trees, you cruise through the green Aravalli ranges to soon arrive at the bustling city. Here of course, you are met with the usual Indian traffic – horns, cattle, uneven roads. Hey, you have arrived at Udaipur!! You will be absolutely thrilled to discover what awaits your here!!

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3 thoughts on “How Good or Bad Is Udaipur Airport?

  • Avinash Gupta

    We once did a road trip from Delhi to Udaipur. it was 11 hour drive. We really enjoyed it and Udaipur was absolutely blissful that time. Having said that, I have not seen its airport. Most of the tier 2 cities have rather disappointing Airports. I have seen the same in Patna, Indore etc

    • jayantadeepa

      Hi Avinash,
      Delhi-Udaipur must have been good. The Mumbai-Udaipur highway is supposed to be great too expecially the Ahmedabad-Udaipur stretch. However, owing to the non-availability of adequate leaves, we took the air route. and yes, i share your cynicism of tier-2 cities’ airports. Udaipur, as I said, was a departure and a good one at that. Wish they would replicate the model at the other small town airports too.
      Thank you for stopping by my blog. Hope you have had a good Diwali.

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