Shindur Khela @Powai Sharadotsav

This year was a severe departure from the Durga Puja of every other year. I couldn’t make it to Ramkrishna Mission even once. Unthinkable. So far, have spent every Ashthami/Navami morning at the Mission, sitting in silence for a couple of hours watching the monks perform the Puja rituals. But then, Ma reminded me that God is the same everywhere. True. And thus I unburdened somewhat.

And hence, deviating from the custom of many years, I readied my Puja items for a visit to the Powai Sharadotsav pandal. It was the day of Shindur Khela, the quintessentially Bengali and ever popular Shindur Khela. Dressed in their white sarees with red borders and ample jewellery, Bengali women, on this day pray for the well-being of their homes, children and husband. They carry vermillion, flowers, sweets to offer to Ma Durga during ‘boron’ and then, use the same vermillion to smear the foreheads and cheeks of the ladies gathered there. And yes, men and little children are not spared this little Holi with shindur (vermillion).

Here are pictures from that colourful noon of Vijaya Dashami at Powai Sharadotsav. Hope you will like them.