Durga Ma Comes To The Powai Sharadotsav Pandal

Last Sunday (6th Oct) was special. For the first time in my life, I went to bring the idol of Durga to the Powai Sharadotsav Pandal (Pandal is sort of a temporary temple where a deity is worshiped during the span of the festival). Had been to visarjans (immersion of Goddess Durga) before, but never to bring her from the hutment where the Kumors ( potters who make Durga) make the idols.

There were about 15-20 of us, who hopped into each other’s car at Powai and raced off to Thane. That was where our Durga was being given shape for the past 2 months. Upon reaching, we ran to see ‘our’ Durga Ma. And were stunned by her beauty — a perfect embodiment of our Puja’s theme DUGGAamar–Empowering Women.

The creative team was still busy giving her the finishing touches. We took the opportunity to go to a nearby shanty for another round of breakfast and tea — Luchi-torkari-chanar dal and boondein. Couldn’t get more Bong than this!!! And then we check out the fish shop on the opposite side of the road. It stocks up all the fishes that Bengalis are born to — Iilish, Tengra, Pabda, Rui, Chingri, Kajari etc. Why, the vegetable shop adjacent to it also stock up Bong veggies such as Gondho Lebu, Pui Doga, Kochu…

2 hours of wait and it was time for Ma and her children to get into the trucks. We stood amazed as the Kumors team loaded Her amidst chants and prayers. Another 2 hour drive and our Goddess reached her Pandal to blowing of chonch shells and ullus by the women who were waiting there for her Boron.

Leaving you with some of the photos from that day. You judge for yourself the beauty of that morning and the lovely experience we had.

Powai Sharadotsav will be held at Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Opp Cafe Mangi, Adishankaracharya Marg (Main Road JVLR), Mumbai-400076 from Oct 9th to October 14th. The pictures shared in this blog give a detailed schedule of both the religious and the cultural events.

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Photos Courtesy — Ace photographer Mukesh Trivedi (mukeshmtrivedi@gmail.com)