Ganapati Visarjan @Powai Lake — Finale


Devotion of thousands. Ganapatis – small, big, huge. Colours, ever so vibrant. Dedication of the hundreds of men and women managing the event. Sincerity of the Visarjan men who immerse every idol with the zeal of the owner. Mass participation, age no bar. Thousands of onlookers, religion no bar. Wide-eyed foreign nationals, and their ‘click-happy’ cameras. Daylight rolling to dusk rolling to moonlit night…..

Jayant and i went bonkers yesterday in our excitement to capture all of these images at the final visarjan of Ganapatis at Powai lake. So what if we have been going for this magnum event for 7 years now? The eagerness to participate never wanes. And the delight never lessens.

Somewhere along the way, we decided that this blog will be a photo feature so that you too can partake in this electrifying atmosphere. But then, it became extremely difficult to short-list the photos as each one that we took just added to the story. After much thought we decided to share only those photos that were different from the Day 5 of Ganapati Visarjan; the ones that define the 11th day of Visarjan.

Further, I am poor at night photography as my hand shakes a lot. So we have the photos in two parts – one before sunset, taken by me and the second lot, shot in the dark by Jayant.

Look for yourself what we got for you – Can it get bigger than this?

Dos and Don’ts of the Visarjan in Powai Lake:

  1. DON’T take your car. Walk or take an auto
  2. Visarjan starts from afternoon onwards. Go an hour before dusk and stay back for another hour or so after sunset. The change of lights are beautiful
  3. Cameras are allowed
  4. Help the authorities maintain discipline. They often allow you inside the line for photographs
  5. Kids can be taken. I had taken my daughter from the time she was 2 years of age. People are generally very well behaved. But make sure the child doesn’t leave your hand

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