Ganapati Visarjan in Powai Lake – Day 5

Ganapatis in carts, cars, mini-vans, trucks. All flocked for visarjan last evening at Powai Lake. No, the festival hasn’t ended yet. But most house-holds in the city would have immersed their Ganapatis yesterday. Plus, it was the day of Gauri visarjan too.

We immersed our Ganapati too yesterday. And like every year, had many curious onlookers complimenting us on our eco-friendly Ganapati. Why. My daughter can already give a lecture on how our Ganapati will not kill the fishes and crocodiles in Powai Lake as it is not made with plaster of Paris and doesn’t have those harmful chemical colours. She, categorically swore, to “always make our Ganapati will clay and decorate it with flowers”. Just goes on to prove that your child learns what you teach. Hence, teach well.

We said a small prayer before handing off our Ganapati to the volunteer for immersion. Kudos to them. They immerse hundreds of them every evening, but do it with personal care for every Ganapati, every family.

And then it was time for photography. People, immersed in devotion, flocking together for the final Aarti, chanting hymns, clapping their hands to invoke His blessings, all made for a heart-warming sight. Dare I let it go without capturing them in my lenses…