Lord Ganesha Is Home

It is that time of the year again when ‘Wheels On Our Feet’ stops; the weekend when we do not go out as soon as we wake up. Instead, we stay at home, quickly finish our breakfast and other chores, and sit down for Ganapati making. Yes. We make our own idols during the popular Ganesh festival. It has been four years now, and come August-September, we look forward to it. Our usual timeline is to make it a month before Ganesh Chaturthi, so that the idol dries before the day of the puja. But this year, we got late in procuring the clay, and hence the 3-week delay.

For those who don’t know, Ganesh festival is the worship of Lord Ganesha (the Hindu Elephant God) over a period of 1 & half or 3 or 5 or 9 or 11 days every September in India. It is perhaps Mumbai’s biggest festival, and is also known as Ganesh Chaturthi.

Right now, Mumbai is gearing up to bring home its favourite Lord. Pandals (make shift temples) are already coming up in its parks, streets, lanes and by-lanes. Most evenings resonate with beats of the drums as Ganapati arrives in trucks and tempos.

Ours, though, is made. Eco-friendly. So that it dissolves in Powai lake when immersed after 5 days of the Puja and doesn’t endanger the aquatic life there. And no, we do not colour it. For the same reason. To keep it as natural as we can.

After 4 years now, Jayant has become quite an expert at making the Ganapati. Mind you, he is an atheist. But is possessive about making the Ganapati himself. It has become a ritual in our house now – father-daughter sit together to make their own idols while I click away. All the while, marvelling – how one non-believer can so lovingly make an idol of the Lord, and how my little one, with her tender fingers and non-stop talking, makes hers.

Sharing some of my clicks. Am sure you will not mind this short halt of ‘Wheels On Our Feet’?

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