Hop On Hop Off Buses — Do You Need Them In Paris?

We told you whether you need a Hop On Hop off Bus in London the other day. Today we will see if you need it in Paris.

Paris. The city in our itinerary for years. And one city where you need the Hop On Hop Off buses without a second thought. unless you are in Paris for a long holiday of course. There is a lot to be seen and distances not suitable for walks. We used the L ‘Open Tour and it was worth it. They have 4 routes — the Paris Grand Tour, Montparnasse-Saint Germain, Montmarte-Grands Boulevard and Bastile Bercy. Of these, we used the main ‘Paris Grand Tour’ and ‘Montmartre-Grands Boulevards’ as we were in Paris for only 2 days, within which we had to visit the Louvre too.

L ‘Open Tour’s service is excellent, although we had a tough time locating their pick up points in certain places. Tickets are worth Euro 36 for 2 days with discounted ones for children. Absolutely worth the price.

If not the Hop On Hop Off Buses in Paris, then what? A good alternative, and a rather practical one at that, is using the extensive metro rail /bus network with a daily pass at a fraction of the price. With a good guide book – I would strongly recommend the same to all savvy travelers who can walk a lot. But this option is most definitely difficult if you are in Paris for a small duration. And if travelling with kids too, don’t think about it. Go ahead and book the tour buses.

Final Word: If you ask us, Paris is known for its squares, boulevards, bistros, ristorantes…Get on to a Hop On Hop Off and get a view of this romantic and stylish city from the top. See for yourself how a regular Parisian goes for her regular work in ramp like clothes.Pinch yourself to believe that you are in the city you had long wanted to come. Devour the moments. Devour the city in all its splendour!

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