Weekly Review: Indigo Deli In Colaba (Mumbai) For Breakfast

Breakfast in Mumbai can be very special — right form the humble vada pav off the numerous street eateries to the traditional Irani restaurants that dot the city to the Madrasi joints in Matunga/King’s Cirle for the regular dosas and idlis to the Café Mondegars and Leopold Cafes to the new age imports like Le Pain Quotidian. Not to forget the whole lot of restaurants at the 5-star hotels from the Sahar road to Bandra to town. Last Saturday, we were in the mood for a ‘good’ breakfast and so we opted for one of the highest rated options – Indigo Deli at Colaba.

Reached around 8.30 am. The usual crowd and the cacophony were missing at that hour, both at the Deli and in the streets. But of course. Mumbai, the city that doesn’t sleep in the night, catches up with it in the morning hours!!

Located near the Gateway of India, it’s a small 2-floor restaurant in the lane adjoining CCD at Colaba Causeway. Modern décor, with a great collection of wine, cheese and breads – the restaurant clearly is one of the best (and expensive) Deli’s in Mumbai. Come in the evenings and you could be dining with some of the well-known faces of Mumbai. And their food is to die for. We loved it the last time we were there for dinner (Read Indigo Deli for dinner), although the staff seemed to be stressed out that night. Hoped that today would be different. It was a fresh new day after all.

The breakfast menu is primarily continental with fantastic eggs & combo options available. It however, sadly, misses out on an all-inclusive breakfast choice like its neighbor Café Mondegar etc.

We opted for a mix of Eggs Benedict, Egg Florentine and Choice of 3 Eggs (scrambled) + Sausages (extras) served along with ‘homemade’ preserves. It was FANTASTIC from the word go! The Egg Benedict is served over a muffin, along with a layer of ham, hash brown and hollandaise sauce. It melts in the mouth! But be warned, the stuff is heavier than it looks. Grab their special fresh press coffee and you’d be transported to heaven. The Egg Florentine is served over bread with a layer of creamy spinach sauce. Yum!! Just the right bit of cheese and cream. Doesn’t overpower the spinach at all. Tastes heavenly. The choice of Eggs comes with 2 slices of bread and their famous preservatives. We ordered Banana Smoothie which was really sweet but well made.

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For sure, it’s one of the best BF options in the city, though at 3 grands+ for 4 adults, it’s not a place you’d go to every weekend unless you belong to the CXO category! Plus, note that their meals are extremely filling. It stayed with us long past lunch hour. So be careful about how much you order.

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