Dindigul Thalappakatti, For Chettinad Food in Chennai

Dindigul Thalappakatti has been a popular chain of Chettinad Cuisine since 1957 with their Biryani, Mutton dishes (including Liver) a hit with locals and tourists alike. Since they had an outlet next to my hotel, it was a no brainer to have dinner there. A decent-sized clean restaurant, with basic seating, the table paper-mats highlighted the popular & famous who have dined there.

Biryani – it had to be, with almost every table ordering the dish. Absolutely excellent!! It’s spicy (though not too hot) with small boneless mutton pieces in it. The flavor was very strong –somewhat similar to Andhra Biryani but not quite so. It’s a must-have if you visit this place.

For starters, we ordered Mutton Pepper Fry & Fish Fry … the former absolutely succulent-and-melt in the mouth variety. Went well with the Parathas as well – though to be honest I was missing a bottle of beer with it. Had to do with a coke instead! We also ordered Mutton Sookha (semi dry)- the gravy was fantastic though I would have preferred larger and more pieces of mutton in that. It had the shredded variety that made the whole gravy tasty but left you craving for more – especially if you are a hard core carnivore like me.

You have many choices in Chennai for Chettinad food, Anjappar being one of the most popular – but if you ask me, I would strongly recommend Dindigul Thalappakatti. Food elsewhere is excessively spicy, with too much red pepper used — maybe okay with the locals, but difficult for more tourists to enjoy.

Do share your experience at DT if you can make it there. Cheers

— Jayanta