Shopping in Coorg

Ah! The other wonderful thing about travelling – one is exploring, the other is shopping. With so many local and traditional delights, shopping in Coorg feels like paradise! Here are all what we stuffed our bags with:

Sarees: You are in saree land, so no coming back home without those lovely yards of cotton and silk. There are good saree stores in Madikeri, but I bought mine from the handloom store on the Coorg-Mysore road.

Coffee: Like how I don’t come back home without traditional sarees, wherever available, Jayanta will not leave without having bought his stock of coffee, wherever available. And frankly, in Coorg, it is a no-brainer, they grow it there after all…

Spices: And then you are in spice land. Stock up on your spice ration with locally grown black pepper, cardamoms etc. Skip the boutique stores and hit the local shops for not only authentic, but also, reasonably priced items.

Herbal Oil mix: Well, we saw this for the first time here – roots, stems, dry leaves all stuffed in a bottle. You are to pour in coconut oil into this bottle of ‘jadi buti’, leave it sealed for a couple of days until the oil changes into a beautiful shade of red. The oil is then ready for your hair.

Sandalwood Paste: This great skin care item is so easily available and so reasonably priced too. One big bottle can last you quite a few months…

These were what we got back home from Coorg — things that bear the essence of the place and yet, don’t slit your throat while paying…So what the world has moved to buying things online in a big way? Nothing beats local shopping!

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