Drive Through The International Container Terminal Road to Kochi Airport

When in Kochi, you will have your share of the backwaters and the Chinese fishing nets. After all, the backwaters and fishing nets are Kochi USP. If, however, you are not bored at the end of it, or are there only for a day, I will share with you one of Kochi’s best-kept secret — The drive to the airport using the International Container Terminal Road!

Take the road from the Marine Drive area (near the famous Broadway shopping market or Joy Allukas Centre) using the International Container Terminal Road. This is a bypass that has been under construction for the last 1 year or so.

It starts just after you cross the premium housing options like Neptune Court, Oceana etc. The road is about 6 kms longer than what it will take using the regular highway but what you will get in terms of view is, priceless. Unpaved in part and full of potholes, it more than makes up with the beautiful sights around. You’d almost wish that you could stop every 10 minutes and enjoy the view. What with the small stretch of waterway with Chinese fishing nets on both sides of the road, beautiful palm tree-lined islands. You’ll see small fishing boats bobbing in the water, sporting the best spincast reels they have at the moment as you take in the amazing greenery Kerala is famous for!

Had it not been for the flight that I had to catch, I would have stopped for a while to admire the lovely backwaters, convince the fishermen to take me aboard their little boats for and try my hand at fishing.

After about 20 minutes of the waterway, the road now passes through an equally beautiful countryside with acres and acres of rice fields and other grains on both sides. No wonder Mani Ratnam gets such beautiful shots in his movies. With due respects to him and his cinematographer, am sure it isn’t much of an effort though to take those shots. Kerala is so beautiful, after all.

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(Photos taken on the go from my Nokia Lumia 808 Pure View)

Sadly however, after about 30 minutes, you end up on the same old highway. The dream-like wonderland is gone, behind you. It’s back to the traffic. To reality.

But hey, I carried back those refreshing moments of the drive all the way back home and relayed it to my wife. Who now demands to be taken to Kochi! Again? I ask. Yes, she replies strongly!!

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