Trident Hotel at Wellington Island in Cochin


Trident Hotel at Wellington Island in Cochin is located in an isolated stretch of the city about 4-5 Kms away from the hustle and bustle of Kochi main city. The drive to the hotel can turn you off (It did to me), as the only thing you see for more than 15 minutes are scores of container trucks, petrol carriers and construction equipment. Being away from any kind of restaurant or sightseeing area, there is absolutely no place to walk, whether at the waterfront or elsewhere. Difficult, if you want to catch up with a little sigh-seeing or eating local food or checking out local markets, as I usually like to do after the day’s schedules of meetings and calls are over.

Whatever be the shortcomings Trident has in terms of location, it more than makes up by offering the best personalized and warm service. Their staff can teach others a thing or two about hospitality.
I reached the hotel, very sceptical and inwardly blaming the travel agency who got me lodged here, for the isolation. But all this was fast forgotten the minute I checked in!

A quick and efficient check-in, you are escorted to your room immediately. Decent sized with the basic amenities in place, the room is a good value for money.


There is only one restaurant in the hotel and it was having a Pizza festival the evening I landed up there. No choice here, but must say that it was surprisingly good and served quickly in the room with a bottle of complimentary beer.

The morning breakfast was great!! Other than the standard items, you could order 5-6 items off a special menu. Here’s a piece of advice though — please do not fill up your stomach with the usual breads and fried stuff. Instead, go in for their traditional Appam with Veg/Chicken Stew. It is absolutely awesome — mild flavoured, easy on the stomach, what the locals have and just the right thing to get you started on a happy note for the day!
The staff (can’t help mention them again) ensures all your orders are promptly served and you have piping hot food on your table. All this, with a smile. Charles and Sree, the restaurant staff, deserve a pat for their exceptional service. They made the whole experience a delight! Had read excellent reviews from other guests, who have had similar experiences with staff, for going out of their way to cater to special requirements of children and infants, and saw it for real. Kudos!!

The swimming pool is nice, too cold however during the rainy season. Go for a morning walk instead. You will love it in the fresh air.


There is a taxi stand 30 m away to the right where you can book a cab for the day if you are staying here.

• The bathroom is really small and the shower area needs better designing. However careful you are, water leaks out and floods the floor & sink.
• The small ‘exercise room’ is not much to write about – quite sad in fact, as it only has 1 small combo machine, 2 treadmills and some free weights.

Overall: In spite of the location, I would still recommend this hotel to tourists for their excellent service – away from the city shor, at a great value price.

Will I be back? Well, maybe!

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