Sweets During Ramazan? Head To Suleman Usman Mithaiwalla Near Minara Masjid

While writing Fasting and Feasting During Ramazan @Bohri Mohalla the other day, I contemplated writing about Suleman Usman Mithaiwalla in the same blog. And then decided against it. Desserts deserve a special place, a place of their own. What say? And hence a dedicated post on perhaps the most popular and sought-after ‘sweets’ guy in Mohammad Ali Road in South Mumbai, Suleiman Usman Mithaiwalla.

Currently run by the 4th generation Sadiq Abdul Sattar, Suleiman Usman Mithaiwalla, dates back to 1936!! A nondescript shop, there is just about room for 12-15 people to sit and snack on their delicacies. That too, if you squeeze in. Absolutely no elbow room. But the lack of space more than makes up for the wide (read, wiiddeeee) choice they have for the mithais. Malpua, Phirni, Rasmalai, Sewai, Aflatoons, Murabbas, Halwa (in three flavours – mango, black currant and strawberry), Cakes and other bakery items, Namkeens – all under one roof. Believe me, you’d be spoilt for choice.

I got chatting with the shop owner, and he told me that they make the Malpua, Phirni and Shahi Tukda only during the holy month of Ramazan. The rest of the year, they sell their other regular delicacies. The Phirni is a runaway hit here. Nobody leaves the shop without one matka of Phirni. At least. Just try and say a ‘No’ to it and you be bulldozed by ugly looks from everybody around you, including your friends. Hence, do not miss it.

We were particularly taken in by the old Chacha frying Malpuas. Each as big as a plate, he was frying about 6-7 together in a huge flat kadhai (cauldron). Filled with ghee. Or was it Dalda? Tins full of them. Your eyes will widen, you will squirm in guilt, think about all those hours you spent at the gym coming to naught here. And then you will convince yourself, “What the heck. This is just once a year”. Swoosh all guilt flies away!! By the way, this is the first time I saw anybody put eggs in the malpua batter. Traditionally, the batter is made with flour, rawa and sugar. But here, at the Suleman’s, they add eggs too. Hmmm..i got thinking, doesn’t that make it a non-veg malpua? Yes, it does!!! So dear vegetarians, Bohri Mohalla is not for you. Even in desserts 😉

Listen, let not greed overpower you. Order only one Malpua even if you are a group of 20 people. One entire army can’t finish one Malpua. Guaranteed. And mind you, they serve the Malpuas with a bowl of Rabri!! Can’t get bigger than this, can it? The SIN?

Now, after all these, if you have any room left, go in for the paan. The ones we picked had 31 ingredients! No exaggerations here. Talk of going overboard!!!

Paan Photo Courtesy – Saurabh Arya

Our entire food bill at the Bohri Mohalla that Friday night came to INR 550 per person. Yes, as cheap as that. Were richer by the experience. And calories, of course. 5000 calories per person, is what we estimated. Don’t squirm. Go there this weekend, if the Rain Gods have calmed down in Mumbai. This sin is just once a year. 😉

[Location: Adjacent Minara Masjid in Mohammad Ali Road. No way you will miss it!]

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