Dos & Don’ts @Bohri Mohalla


Yesterday’s post on Fasting and Feasting During Ramazan @Bohri Mohalla might have just given you enough courage to hit the streets of this South Mumbai Mohalla this weekend, but wait. In case, you are a first-timer, you need some quick gyan on Bohri Mohalla!!

• Your umbrellas and good walking/rain shoes are a must!!Dare miss out on either of these two, and you will regret it bad.
• Wear decent clothing, not only because you will feel more comfortable, but also because, it will go in tandem with the religious fervour of the place.
• Service is prompt. Tissues and cold drinks are aplenty. Carry you own sanitizers if you are too nit-picking.
• Most eateries have made temporary rain-cover arrangements. Hence, you needn’t postpone your plans citing heavy rain, unless of course Mumbai is flooded.
• Am not sure if you’d want to bring your toddlers here (we kept ours at home with a nanny). The food is way too rich for their stomach. Plus, consider the hygiene (or the absence of it). And also the fact that it may be difficult to manage them in the heavy rains and the teeming crowd.
• Makes no sense to drive down here. It’s so much more convenient to book a cab. We got a Xylo for ourselves. In case you still want to take your car, park it somewhere safe in Colaba and take a Padmini taxi to this market.
• Police presence is very high in the Bohri Mohalla. Do co-operate with them as they are there to ensure security for the revellers and the faithfuls.

Finally, do note — Bohri Mohalla is not the cleanest of places in the city. If you are too fussed up about hygiene and sanitation, the eateries here, are perhaps, not for you.