GoldenPass Panoramic Tour Of Switzerland

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The GoldenPass Panoramic train in Switzerland is a tour of the most scenic places in Switzerland in a train – the type that you saw in DDLJ where Shah Rukh Khan serenaded Kajol. True to its name, the train take you through the panorama that is Switzerland; via Lucern, Brünigpass, Interlaken, Zweisimmen and finally, Montreux. You literally start with Lake Lucerne and end with Lake Geneva.

We were staying at Zurich and hence, had to take a fast train from Zürich Hauptbahnho to Lucerne. Here at Lucerne, we boarded the GoldenPass Panoramic.

Ask me to sum it up in one word, and I’d be lost trying to find an appropriate word. Mesmerizing. Breath-taking. Heavenly. Utopic. Unreal. What do you need to do in order to deserve to live amidst such beautiful landscapes? The beautiful cottages, chalets, barns and cows grazing peacefully, that lone church whose spiked roof is visible long after the little village has passed by, the laid back life next to the shimmering lakes, the bountiful flowers in every house’s garden and window sills – I was unabashedly envious of the Swiss way of life!!

The GoldenPass Panoramic train has huge windows in 2nd class and gives you a clear view from both sides. The first class has a panoramic coach with full glass top. Sit on the left side while going through Interlaken and you will be looking at the lakes and the most beautiful countryside just beside your windows. The Interlaken stretch is the most beautiful by far. I itched to de-board and spend the day at Gstaad, the favourite playground of the rich and the famous. Next time for sure …

The travel through the steep passes was stunning. The tracks race past through the narrow mountains and woods making you feel like a tiny blip in front of the majestic mountains on one side and the undulating valleys on the other. As I said, unreal. And then comes the electrifying descent to Montreux … though vineyards and country estates. It’s almost like you are passing through people’s houses and if the train’s windows were open, you could have grabbed a vine of grape (and more).

Quick Facts relating to the Golden Pass Panoramic Train:
• You need to change 3 trains — the first one takes you from Lucerne to Interlaken East. The 2nd one takes you from Interlaken East to Zweisimmen. The 3rd one is between Zweisimmen and Montreux.
• Stretching across about 150 miles, the tour takes almost 6 hours.
• Any Euro Rail Pass, including the Swiss Rail pass, allows you to take the GoldenPass Panoramic Train
• In case you do not have the passes, you will have to buy GoldenPass tickets.
• No tickets for children up to 4 years of age.
• Although it’s a little tiring spending half a day in the train, it more than makes up for the beauty that you have seen. If you are short of time, no better way to see Switzerland.
• The train has a dining car with snacks, food and drinks options

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