Another European. Now @R City Mall, Ghatkopar. Le Cafe!!!

There was a time when after a movie at the BIG Cinemas in R City Mall, we would hurry to Powai to catch a bite at KFC or Pizza Hut or Bijoli Grill. That’s because R City Mall had hardly any decent food options – there was Rajdhani with its humongous amount of food; Urban Tadka, a spicy Indian food option that one may not be too keen at 10 in the night; or the food court, with everybody stressing themselves to no end for a table and then jostling trays of food amidst children sprinting around, babies crying, patrons arguing for their turn when the coupon numbers showed up in the board!! Not my idea of dinner/lunch. For all this ‘AC’ commotion, I’d rather eat at a street joint.

And then yesterday someone told me that there are 62 eating options in R City Mall. Serious? I sure intend to count the next time I am there!!!

Well, I went to the newly opened (about 5-6 weeks old) Le Café for dinner last night. It’s in the open courtyard in the ground floor. A brightly painted yellow door (think neon) makes sure you’ve reached the Café all right.


Ambience: An informal place, the walls are still bare — apparently it is still awaiting its paintings and photo frames. I was told that the owner wants to let out the walls to painters and photographers in the city who want to sell their creations. Nice idea!!! They do this in their Chembur outlet too.

• Had Horsegram Lentil Soup – perfectly made with a strong after taste of the lentils. They can go a little less on the pepper though, although I loved it in this rainy weather.
• Ordered Baby Potatoes & Smoked Sausage Salad, which looked perfect and tasted great too. But I had absolutely fallen for the Watermelon Salad – come to think of it, can you go wrong with fresh watermelons, orange brandy dressing, crumbled feta and nuts?


• Le Café is supposed to be the only joint that offers wood fried pizzas in the entire Kurla-Ghatkopar belt. Ordered their special veg Le Café Pizza, which wasn’t striking. With no special treatment of cheese or herbs or veggies, it tasted like any other thin crust pizza.
• For the mains, ordered the Chicken Shepherd’s Pie, which apparently is their signature dish. The meat mince came with a lot of sauce; so it was full in taste and I was horribly missing a red wine to down it (they don’t have the permits for alcohol yet)
• Didn’t eat desserts, so can’t comment on it!!

Overall Experience: Le Café is a little more than a café and a lot less than a specialty joint. It’s a within 1500-bucks-for-two people. Not bad if you are not in a mood for a ‘high-heeled’ specialty restaurant. I was thinking, with the offices in the Godrej complex in close vicinity, Le Café could be your place for a budget team lunch/dinner. But, if you need to attend a meeting after dining here, give them the warning – for they are quite slow on service!!

Also, I can’t help but say this, the staff need to wear washed shirts every day, for when they refill your glass with water or bend forward to replace the cutlery, they stink of sweat. I was holding my breath every time they’d do that!!

Else, a not-bad informal café (they have free wifi, be happy). And definitely saves you from the food-court upstairs!!

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