Twisted Fish in Khar (Mumbai) — DO NOT Go!

We wanted to try out a new seafood joint in Mumbai, having enjoyed most of the known places (and swallowing hard at some really bad ones too!)

We zeroed on in Twisted Fish at Khar. We were at Ramakrishna Mission after all, and wanted to go close by for lunch – no Mangi and no Arselan this time. A quick search on the review sites on Jayant’s phone came up with Twisted Fish – it had a 3x 5* rating. So we decided to give it a try.


Ambience: Twisted Fish is walking distance from Khar Station, part of the Uniworld hotel. We were the only diners there  that afternoon. Decently done up, there were bamboo mats on the tables. The menu card came inside a lovely case as well.

Special mention of the staff who were very friendly. Made a special effort for our little daughter, giving her a coloring book and colors to keep her busy. They also promised to reward her if she could complete the picture — this was enough to keep her motivated throughout. And she earned a Cadbury Chocolate bar for her enthusiasm.

• We ordered Tandoori Pomfret as starters along with Rawas, Fried Prawns and Kingfisher Draught beer to go with it. The food took ages to come, the beer was quite flat and the Pomfret, utterly bland. The prawns were excellent, the only saving grace in the whole dining experience.
• For mains, we ordered Pomfret Gassi and Rawas Goan curry. Now, how can you screw up a Gassi sitting in Mumbai soil? Unforgivable!! The Gassi lacked flavour and we could help miss what we normally have at Highway Gomantak/Gajalee. The Goan curry was a disaster too – made in coconut oil!!! There was no warning and the first bite that Jayant took made him throw up (OK, he has a problem with this oil but it should be clearly mentioned). We returned the whole dish … but the experience stayed throughout and we could not wait to get out. The manager was nice enough to apologize for the same and did not charge us – which was a sweet gesture.

Experience: The whole experience was quite bad — sad food, awfully expensive. A regular Pomfret dish came with a really small fish and was charged 650 bucks!! Daylight robbery!! The Neer Dosas, too, were really small and were 30 bucks each!!

The only point they got is for their friendly staff … the food is best avoided as there are dime a dozen fantastic options nearby. Sad that a place like this, can’t ‘seize the opportunity’.

Final Word: Guys, the good reviews about Twisted Fish are horribly misleading. Please avoid!!