Cafe Bahar — One Of The Best Biryani Joints in Hyderabad

Had read fantastic reviews of Café Bahar in Hyderabad and couldn’t resist going here. Colleagues from office too recommended it, saying it’s the 2nd best joint in Hyderabad for biryanis (most consider Shadab to be the best!)
Cafe Bahar has 2 restaurants and I opted for the original one at Hyderguda . Wasn’t surprised to find the place in a run down state. I opted for the AC portion – it was bursting with people from every walks of life. Good biryani, truly, is the greatest leveller!!! Felt I had made the right choice …

#2: Biryani @Café Bahar

#2: Biryani @Café Bahar

Ordered a Bheja Fry (Brain Fry) and Mutton Biryani and they were served within minutes. The very hot & spicy ‘Bheja Fry’ was definitely one of the best I had … a bit over the edge though as far as chillies were concerned but amazing on flavor and ah so perfectly cooked. Lingers in your mouth long after your meal!!!

The mutton biryani did not disappoint either and was a generation ahead of the crap that Paradise serves. Long grained rice and the mutton was perfectly cooked with just the right amount of spice. The ‘special biryani’ apparently comes with a boiled egg and extra mutton pieces.

My love for biryani has taken me places across India, and though what you get at Café Bahar does not match the ones made by the professional lady caterers of Hyderabad (who sell it by the KG) this is far superior to what they serve in Bawarchi, Hyderabad House and Paradise.

Waiting to visit Shadab in my next visit. Might revise my rating them … till then, Bon Appétit !