Driving from Luxor to Hurghada

In the November of 2010, we had taken the Nile cruise from Aswan. After 5 days of touring numerous temple towns along the Nile, we disembarked in Luxor, the ancient city in southern Egypt. A 2-day stay in Luxor gave us enough time to visit all the important places. This done, we set out in a van for Hurghada. This was the final lap of our trip to Egypt – stop by at Hurghada to enjoy the azure waters of the Red sea, snorkel to see the amazing underwater world, laze around in the beach and then finally drive to Cairo city, from where we would come back to India.

We had been informed that the drive from Luxor to Hurghada would take about 5 hours. This included our lunch stop as well. Got a few cookies, muffins and fruits packed in for my daughter who was two and a half years at that time, and we set out. We had booked the van exclusively and hence, there were no other fellow passengers.

Egypt 035

Once off the city limits, we found ourselves enjoying the drive. For miles and miles, it is just the bare hills and the tarred road. Not a pinch of greenery anywhere. Our driver told us that they were limestone hills. They almost gleaned red in the morning sun. Guess, this is what made the drive very dramatic – the highway literally cutting through the stark, uninhabited, rugged cliffs.

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Little did we know that this is one of the most dangerous highways in the world, with bandits and terrorists striking to make some quick money. Worse, there are no gas-stations on the way. What if our van had broken down in the middle of nowhere? Oblivious to the lurking dangers, we instead, thoroughly enjoyed the dramatic landscape.

And within 5 hours we spotted the Red Sea!! My daughter squealed, for she had been tired of all the temples and now wanted to do some fish-watching and playing with sand in the beach.

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Do note that we undertook the Egypt trip in November 2010. Much has changed in that country since then. We urge you to do a thorough research on your Egypt itinerary, check and over-check on security concerns and only then, make the bookings. Stay safe. Travel safe.

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