Mumbai Restaurant Review — Indigo Deli, Colaba


Had been planning a meal at Indigo Deli, Colaba for sometime and we made it at last a couple of Sundays back after watching a Symphony at NCPA.

A little difficult to spot, we passed it two times before a good Samaritan pointed out that its next to Moshe’s. Voila!!! We crossed it twice — why can’t they have a bigger signboard which is noticeable at night??

The food at their Phoenix Mill outlet was disappointing and I was expecting much better here. We chose a cosy corner on the 1st floor and the service was a mess from the beginning. The table had no napkins / tissues … and the 4-5 staff hovering around us did not bother to give it until we asked for it after food was served.

We first ordered a hot ‘Tori’ for my wife and a Sangria for me … with A NV Quiche for starter. The food came, so did my wine but nobody seem to have a clue where the Tori was or even what it was (except for the guy who took our order, nobody had a clue that there was something like that and that guy had disappeared). The Tori finally came after 5 mins of enquiries with 3 different set of people … The drinks were excellent.

Next was the Quiche … it was HUGE and full of sausages & ham. A very heavy dish and we were regretting the fact that we had ordered 2 individual main course dishes post that. The stuff was excellent … rich and full. Then came Ragout with Lamb Leg and BBQd Pork Ribs for me. Both dishes absolutely delicious and cooked to perfection. Had a tough time finishing the same but finger licking good all the same.

Wish the service was bit better — the staff needs to be hands on, helping with order sizes, ‘best thing to order’ etc.

Great, electric ambience. Perfect for a Sunday evening meal. Why even Friday and Saturday. Let-your-hair-down place.

Loved the food. Loved the ambience. Will be back! (Staff pull up your sleeves)

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