Mumbai Restaurant Review — Cocoa Cafe Ristorante Bandra West


With everyone giving a 5* in the review sites, Cocoa Café Ristorante in Bandra West, Mumbai, had to be either really really great or reviews managed. I sadly think its the latter …

We went on Sat evening for dinner and while all other restaurants in the area has people waiting outside, we were surprised to see this place almost empty (2 couples in all inside). That should have been an indication that something is wrong with the place … we anyway went in as we were really hungry and our baby was almost dozing off in our arms. There was no sign of the valets anywhere although there was the valet sign. Even after entering the building, the valets were simply sitting and staring at us, leaving us completely confused as to whether we were at the right place or not

The cafe is very nicely done … that’s probably the only positive thing about the whole place.

The waiter (a very friendly guy, all smiles and ready to serve) was totally lost when it came to the menu. When I asked about the ingredients in the risotto, he went back twice to check . The senior guy manning the counter was least bothered on guiding us even when I called for him. When we asked about the wines, they once again had no clue as to the house brand or ANYTHING. Someone from the lounge came and informed us about the brands available (no menu card available).

We ordered a Risotto (mushroom) and a lamb Goulash. Couple of cheese cakes for desserts… the food was served quickly, and was just average. I have had far better Goulash in smaller restaurants.

Just before finishing we saw a huge rat running across the eating area … scaring the life of my partner. Overall a bad experience … don’t fall for the story that Salman Khan and Amir Khan visit this place.

SKIP IT, just like what the more sensible people did that night !!!