Matheran — When To Go & What To Do

The best time to visit Matheran, according to us, is during the rains, the famous India monsoons. For this is when the place and the hills surrounding it transform into a scenic place. Further, owing to the fact that the roads in Matheran are not metalled, there is the problem of red soil everywhere during the dry months. Friends have complained that the red soil can be a real bother, what with it blown to your nose and hair!! They proved to be a nuisance during your long walks too.

On the other hand, rains give the place its balmy touch, with clouds flowing in and out. The distant hills look crisper after the ‘wash’ that the rains give them. And the best part is you can keep walking without getting tired. Do go equipped with your rain gear and the right footwear though.


What To Do In Matheran?

Being a hill-station, Matheran has its usual share of viewpoints and lakes, chief amongst them being Mount Berry and Charlotte Lake. Remember there are no vehicles here. So you are on your feet most of the time. There are the horses and the hand-carts though, but the rates can be crazy. If you are keen to hire a horse/cart, seek your hotel’s help and they might just be able to get you a fair rate. However, we’d advice you walk. Let go of your city habits and walk. Nothing could be more soothing than those leisurely strolls with the birds chirping in the back-drop, the coming and going of the rains and the clouds, and the beautiful views from the bushes every two feet away 🙂

If you have a small baby with you, mobility could be a problem as the roads are not metalled. This means that you will have difficulty pushing the pram/stroller.

Matheran’s bio-diversity

During our stay @The Verandah in The Forest, we met an elderly couple who had lived and worked in Delhi, but now, post retirement, had made Pune their home. The lady had been the principal of a college in Delhi. A student of Botany, she told me that Matheran was rich in bio-diversity and had many different types of plants known for their medicinal properties. Although a garden enthusiast myself, I couldn’t really go and explore this for I had a 3-month old to take care of…


A 2-night stay in Matheran is more than enough, unless you have gone there to cut off from the rest of the world.

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