Eze in South France – A Traveller’s Delight

We reached Eze when it was all fogged out. Now Eze, a much-celebrated hilltop located on the French Riviera, is famous for its view of the azure blue Mediterranean sea down below. Sigh! The fog had dashed our plans.

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It was mid-afternoon and we still had a lot of time in our hands. We had spent the morning in a wet Monaco, but by noon, the skies had cleared there. We were hoping the same would happen in Eze which is about just 45 minute ride from Monaco (from Nice, it is a 30 min bus ride). We had been advised that it would be a 45 min climb uphill. The narrow lanes had cobbled pathways and Ridi’s (my daughter’s) stroller would just about make it. And so with a prayer in our lips and strawberry crepes in our hands, we decided to climb the Eze hill.

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Must say, one of the best climb of our lives!! The little village of Eze is all dolled up with souvenir shops, boutiques, galleries and restaurants.

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The narrow lanes have lillies, roses, fuchias of all colours and sizes. The winding pathways are a maze and guess what? You don’t mind getting lost!! Every alley opens to another more beautiful than the one you have just left behind. We were mesmerised.


Thus walking and admiring, you get into the grounds of Notre Dame de l’Assomption, a church built in 1764. Go in and you will be met with choir songs being played softly on the church’s music system. Quiet and alone, you almost feel you are intruding here. Despite that, you’d be reluctant to leave. For you want to take a closer look of the Mother and her Baby, the Egyptian Cross, the candles, the chandeliers. Not as grand as the Notre Dames of Paris and Lyon, but definitely filled with the same peace and reverence.


We couldn’t catch a view of the sea from Eze. The clouds had not cleared. But we had enjoyed every bit of the climb.

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On our way back, we found that the famous perfumers, Galimard, had their factory and museum here. Actually, you can smell it from still very far. A tour would have been definitely interesting, but we gave it a miss since we wanted to reach Nice before the rains came back.


So if you are anywhere nearby, Nice or Cannes or Monaco, do try to give Eze a shot. You won’t regret the sortie, no matter the weather 🙂

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