Stay @The Verandah In The Forest in Matheran

Oh, it was lovely staying @The Verandah in the Forest in Matheran. Apparently the second house to be built in Matheran by a Captain in the army in the 19th century, it was bought by the Neemrana chain of hotels to be converted into a heritage property. And boy, does it retain its imposing majesty and class. We were charmed from the moment we entered.


Appropriately named Verandah in the Forest, the verandah really is a prominent place in the property. Lining the complete face of the house, the verandah spreads in a semi-circle towards the middle. It is here that the meals are laid out during breakfast and lunch every day. With the blinds pulled up, there can’t be a more charming way to eat your food. Believe me on this.


Then there is this huge living room with book shelves and well placed artefacts. Big sofas are laid out in every corner, with a huge one taking center place. Flip through the coffee table books on Indian history, photography or the vegetation of Maharashtra or pluck a book from one of the book-shelves, and you are sure to lose track of time. Better still, you are sure to lose yourself.


For children, there are books, board games, caroms, chess and a whole lot of other indoor games. Chances are that you will want to play them yourself. So there, you get the opportunity to go back to your childhood days too…


The rooms are grand with canopy beds and ornate tables and arm-chairs. Our room came with a lovely dedicated dresser too, that had a mirror atop a chest from the olden days. The towel holder, the lamps inside the room, the almirah, everything came from the days gone by.

And then there is the dining room. The rich, ornate and colonial dining room that almost defines the place. With a large 16 (probably)-seater dining table, you will be treated to a 4-course continental meal at dinner. Strictly sit-down, with fitting crockery and cutlery, not to mention the beautiful candle-stands, you will be transported to a world of regal living.


Ask me what enamoured me most about this property. And I will say, everything – the verandah, the living room, the dining room, our own room. Everything has been done up probably just the way I would do it up. But there is something that I liked most about the Verandah in The Forest – they do not have television there. Not in the rooms, not in the living room either.

Here’s then a perfect opportunity to find and re-connect with yourself. What say?

Going there this monsoons?

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2 thoughts on “Stay @The Verandah In The Forest in Matheran

  • Amit Patekar

    Hi Awesome blog post on Matheran in moonsoon and about the hotel. Can you post the approximate room rate in moonsoon. I am planning to go there in this month. I have 2 year old kid with me, will that be a problem!!

    • WOOF

      Hi Amit,
      Check out the Neemrana Hotels site for their room rates. Your 2 year old should have absolutely no problem. We went when our daughter was 3 months old 🙂

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