Staying At Hotel Mercure, Lyon Part Dieu (France)


After staying at Staying At Ibis Paris Montmartre 18éme In Paris, we moved to Hotel Mercure in Lyon Part Dieu. Hotel Mercure certainly lived up to its reputation as one of the best hotels in Lyon. Located so close to the station, it’s really convenient. We, however, had a tough time to find it as the hotel’s website did not specify which exit to take from the station. After about 15 mins of asking (no one helps there), we found it on the right side, next to the Rue de la Vivette exit (other side of Novotel).

The room was large & simply excellent with all amenities and a separate WC + Shower. There is a tram/bus station at the other side of the station from where one can get buses to all major tourist attractions (city centre as well) and Part Dieu stop is mentioned in almost every bus route.

We did not have breakfast at the Hotel Mercure as we had an early morning train to catch. Instead, we picked sandwiches and croissants from Paul’s at the Lyon train station.

Would highly recommend the hotel to everyone – especially if you have a train to catch and/or carrying large bags. Else, stay near the city. The bus station is opposite to a large Mall which closes down fairly early; hence, no chance of dinner there. Not much option of good food near the station either… would strongly recommend that you have it at the old city before you come back to the hotel in the evening. The metro also offers a quick getaway to the city centre and one can finish visiting the Forviere Basilica area within 1 hour or so.


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