Our First Impressions of Paris

As we stepped out of our aircraft, we screamed “Paris” in unison! It surely had been a dream for long to visit the land of the . Immigration was swift, less than 5 min, but bags took a long time to come, about 45 min.

The first thing that struck us upon stepping out of the airport was the chill in the air. We hurried into the cab, instead of taking out our jackets. Ridi, our daughter, was covered from head to toe anyway 🙂

Our driver told us it would take another 45 min to reach our hotel (ibis, which was located right at the centre of the city). And now, the second thing hit me — he was driving at >150 Kms per hour. And although it was just past 9 pm, there was still sunlight. I asked him, when does the sun set here? He said, a little before 9.30 pm. And when does it rise? Around 5.30-6 am Ma’am. Well, the sure sure had a long day job in Paris. Jayant and I decided that this was quite advantageous for tourists then. Imagine sight-seeing for 14 hours in a day!!

Traffic slowed down upon reaching the city. There was silence all around. Of course nobody honks mindlessly here!! But Ridi was chattering away non-stop. That more than made up for the absence of any other sound outside!!

Upon reaching the hotel, we dumped our bags in the room and fled to a nearby burger joint for dinner. And hit the bed upon coming back.

Paris, let us sleep tonight. We will see you tomorrow .


I hate myself for not being techie enough to know how to transfer photographs from my camera on to this iPad. Hence, people, photos will have to wait. Will have to ask Jayant when he wakes up. But chances are that, by then we’d be rushing out. Aurevo

2 thoughts on “Our First Impressions of Paris

  • deepa

    Stumbled upon your blog and found it quite interesting. Me and my husband would like to visit Shillong within this week and wanted some local info. We would be delighted if you could share your insights. You can reach me at deepamankani@yahoo.com

    • jayantadeepa

      Hi Deepa,

      Wonderful time to go to Shillong!! Do let me know what you’d like to know. And I’d be glad to help with the local info. Also, hope you have read the 3 blogs I have on Shillong.

      I am presently in Scotland — funny, I am in Scotland and you are going to Scotland of the East 🙂 — and have a full day tour to the Isle of Skye tomorrow. Will be able to check my messages again only after about 24 hours. Hope the delay will be not much of a problem.

      Await your mail.

      Sent from my iPad

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